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Send an email to SIGN UP: tanja.hoch@gmx.ch or send a DM on Instagram @niftyfox

Because we live in Switzerland & therefore have Swiss living costs, but not everyone has a Swiss salary, we’re giving you suggested price ranges of what one class costs. We’re trusting that you’re picking what to pay from a pure heart & help us sustain an income over the next months.

Suggested price-range per class (payment options at bottom)

Swiss or Swiss-like salary:
12-20 CHF (11.20-18.65 €)

Non-Swiss salaries:
6-11 CHF (5.60-10.25 €)

Paypal (please choose “friends & family” to avoid unnecessary fees):


Bank account:

Tanja Hoch
4056 Basel

IBAN: CH77 0077 0252 0095 4200 2
Basler Kantonalbank


Tanja Hoch
+4179 837 64 65

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