About Us

“We teach grown ups how to build a resilient body capable of amazing skills, with minimal equipment & having loads of fun.”

Our Story

When we first met, one of us had quit his studies in business and the other had dropped out of a PhD program she no longer felt was where she belonged. We both didn’t know yet what was to come next, but as we fell in love with each other, we also discovered that both of us loved to train and started doing that together – for hours, almost every day and in any place imaginable.

People at the street workout were always thrilled when we shared knowledge with them – some thought it’s weird we weren’t working as trainers. At one point it seemed like the only logical step. We said: “Well, we spend almost as much time moving and researching the body as other people spend at work – and we enjoy helping people. Each of us already has teaching experience – we should actually become trainers and build on that!”

In our first year, we completed a fitness trainer course, started teaching one on one and small group sessions, taught our own handstand workshop and hosted another one with the international teachers Lauren Kennedy and Sophie Brace. We continuously keep educating ourselves, visiting workshops with experienced teachers and doing trainings with professionals in our field. Most recently, we did an internship as coaches at Nirvana Strength in Bali, a wellness and fitness facility that focuses on injury prehabilitation and gymnastics flexibility and strength. We’re currently enrolled in the “Master Flexibility Trainer Course” by Dan van Zandt, which is full of deep level knowledge about flexibility training.

No other work we have ever done felt as exciting, rewarding and natural. Currently we’re in the process of creating globally accessible services for people who want to learn the skills we are proficient in. We have already established individualized online coaching and soon we’ll be releasing non-customized programs that are more affordable for those who can’t choose the option of personalized coaching. They will be easily accessible on a smartphone app, so you can train everywhere you go.

Our Values

Everyone can come to The Open Gymnasium. When we travel, we bring a pair of rings and a few resistance bands with us, keep our eyes open for “handstand floors” and make every place into our gym. The gym is always open and it’s everywhere, when you train the way we do.

The Open Gymnasium is open for everyone, no matter their age, size, training experience, origin or gender. We think everyone deserves to discover their body in the way we have discovered ours, a way of never ending fascination and experimentation.

There will be no dogmatism in The Open Gymnasium. There are already way too many “schools” and “systems” claiming they are “the best” or they know “the absolute truth” about training. We are open for different perspectives and training methods, as long as they are proven to be of benefit. The Open Gymnasium is the home for everyone who is enthusiastic and eager to learn new things with their body, no matter if it’s in one of our group classes, at an international workshop or remote via our app.

I was never able to do pull ups in my life and now I can already do 2 in a row for multiple sets! I’ve also improved my flexibility, I was so stiff before and now I’m getting closer to my goal of learning the splits with dedicated practice. I have tried both real life personal training as well as personalized online coaching and have been loving the experiences. I understand my body so much better by now.

Flurina, 26 from Basel

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