About Tanja

I’m a PhD-drop-out-turned-movement-coach.
Never looked back and thoroughly enjoy being self employed, helping adults to reach their skill-, mobility- and strength-goals.



Instructing calisthenics strength basics: pull up, dip, pistol squat, etc.

Empathetic coaching style, understanding & encouraging

Focus on achievement-driven goal-setting for mental health, aesthetic goals are secondary

Instructing mobility & skills: Handstand, front & middle splits, backbending, etc.

Focus on structural balance & joint health for your wellness

Focus on female performance in relation to hormonal cycle

I’m a 1990 scorpio sliding through life pretty intuitively and interest-driven ever since I can remember. Which has lead to a bit of an atypical path, I guess.

As I child I wasn’t extremely fond of exercise, especially if it involved running without it being part of a game, but I always used to enjoy throwing my body into cartwheels and going upside down. I was never sent to a gymnastics club though (if I were my own mum I totally would’ve done that).

As a teenager I got pretty sedentary but used P.E. to sort of keep in shape, even if I didn’t enjoy all of it. Once high school was over, my overall movement dropped and my body fat increased. I was never “fat”, but didn’t feel comfortable, so I started out eating less and moving more (without understanding how it all really works). I became a bit too obsessed and had about a 2-year phase of pretty disordered eating habits (topic for a blog post, I guess) which I gladly overcame through starting yoga and going on a self-love journey I’m still on.

I became a yoga teacher while completing my master’s in media science and religious studies (= not theology as I like to point out, I’m pretty atheist but respecting of and interested in religions). I somehow slid into a PhD-position, doing my master’s oral exam one day, having the job interview the next day & immediately getting accepted. I sad yes, without giving myself time to think – which was a bit of a mistake later on, as I realized, because my dominant interest from pursuing academic studies had changed to studying my own and other people’s bodies through training.

Anyhow, I quit early enough for the project to find a suitable replacement and dove down the route of becoming a self employed movement coach, following my desires to live a life freed from 9-5, bosses and laborious meetings. I’ve now collected a total of about 5 years teaching experience, first as a yoga teacher, later also in teaching mobility and calisthenics. I love my students and I love seeing how they grow and gain intrinsic motivation for regular exercise during their time with me.

So, here I am, happy in the position I’m in and constantly striving to improve myself and my teaching skills. And here you are, reading this, what brought you here?

Get in touch with me, if you’d like me to help you reach your movement goals and check out my specialties and education listed below.


Apprenticeship as an Ashtanga Yoga Teacher
(2014 – 2016)
Studying how to instruct and assist the asanas of Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series, basic pranayama techniques, yoga philosophy, how to lead guided relaxation and collecting practical experience teaching classes.

Fitness Trainer B-License
(July-August 2019)
Studying exercise science and physiology, exercise prescription, injury prehabilitation and coaching psychology predominantly in the field of free weights training.

Internship at Nirvana Strength Bali
(April – May 2020)
Studying exercise prescription, injury prehabilitation, coaching psychology and collecting practical experience teaching and assisting classes, specialized in the field of bodyweight skill, mobility and strength.

What client’s say:

I was never able to do pull ups in my life and now I can already do 2 in a row for multiple sets! I’ve also improved my flexibility, I was so stiff before and now I’m getting closer to my goal of learning the splits with dedicated practice. I have tried both real life personal training as well as personalized online coaching and have been loving the experiences. I understand my body so much better by now.

Flurina, 26, from Basel